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If you are currently seeking help during a disaster or need to report a disaster that has already occurred or is still developing, contact us immediately on 916-939-9474.

OR for after hours, weekends or holidays please call

If you are not faced with an urgent situation also email us at [email protected]

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P: (916) 939-9474
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Volunteer Training

What Sets Our Training Apart?

Our unique in-field training program offers individuals a new way in which they can help animals. This program is the only training offered in the United States or Canada that prepares volunteers to respond to disasters by setting up a simulated temporary shelter and giving volunteers the opportunity to experience most aspects of an actual mobilization. What this means for trainees is that they spend the evening on site; sleeping arrangements are generally co-ed and open, where everyone brings their own sleeping bags, cots and/or air mattresses and "camps-out", just as they would do in a real disaster response. Students also must bring enough food, water and gear to "rough it" for the 48 hours of training. The purpose for this simulation is to give potential disaster responders the opportunity to experience what to expect if they deploy with Noah's Wish.

Once volunteers complete training, they become a valuable resource to Noah's Wish and other disaster response organizations. This training makes it possible for animals to receive all the services they so desperately need during a disaster - services they may not receive if it weren't for the dedication of the Noah's Wish team.

Noah's Wish will continue to educate and prepare individuals and organizations in advance of disasters to mitigate the impact on animals. We will do this by developing working relationships with governmental, emergency response and other animal welfare organizations to recruit and train volunteers to deliver the highest standard of disaster response services available anywhere.

In-field training 

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