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If you are currently seeking help during a disaster or need to report a disaster that has already occurred or is still developing, contact us immediately on 916-939-9474.

OR for after hours, weekends or holidays please call

If you are not faced with an urgent situation also email us at [email protected]

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Disaster Information

Services Offered by Noah's Wish

Noah's Wish is prepared to provide these services each time we mobilize. All the services listed below are free to victims whose animals have been affected by a disaster.

Precautionary Evacuation of Animals

Noah's Wish will mobilize volunteers to help evacuate animals when people are being told to be prepared for possible evacuations. It is really important at this point to move large animals out of the area, as well as, large numbers of animals located on the same property. These types of evacuations can take a great deal of time and it's better to start moving the animals when evacuations are precautionary and not mandatory.

Mandatory Evacuations

When a mandatory evacuation goes into effect, residents are encouraged to leave the area but they cannot be forced to leave. Noah's Wish will make contact with these people to see whether they wish to have their animals evacuated, even if they are not going to leave themselves.

Owner Requested Evacuation of Animals

In some instances, people are not at home when mandatory evacuation orders are issued. When they try to return to their homes, they are unable to enter the evacuated area. In most cases, we may be allowed into the area to retrieve the animals.

Transportation of Animals

When people do not have a way to transport some or all of their animals out of an area being evacuated, Noah's Wish will help provide transportation.

Temporary Shelters For Displaced Animals

Noah's Wish will set up a temporary shelter(s) for the animals until they are able to return home or until other arrangements can be made. The average length of time that these shelters remain open is two weeks, but we are prepared to keep them open for as long as necessary.

Providing General Information On Other Human Services Available

We learn where people can go to get the help they need and can refer them appropriately. In the Public Information area of our facility, we post any listings that are printed in the areas newspapers giving specific information on services and where to go to get help.

Animal Intake and Identification

Noah's Wish recognizes the importance of keeping accurate records on all animals we are involved in helping. This is done by completing detailed paperwork on all arriving animals and putting identification on them so there is no confusion about who they are and where they belong.

Coordination of Lost and Found Animals

Animals get separated from their owners during a disaster. To assist people in locating an animal, Noah's Wish provides Lost Animal paperwork that can be completed and distributed among all the other shelters within the area that may be housing animals. In addition, we provide people with Lost and Found Posters that can be posted.

Coordination and Distribution of Animal Supplies and Food Donations

Large amounts of animal supplies and food are donated in disasters. Noah's Wish helps manage these donations by distributing them to disaster victims in the hardest hit communities.

Networking With Veterinarians To Treat Injured, Sick, and Traumatized Animals

Noah's Wish does everything possible, including providing financial support, for animals that have become sick, are traumatized or have suffered injuries.

Networking With Grooming Shops

Grooming animals is not only done for comfort reasons, but for health reasons. This is especially important during floods when animals have been in the water and have come in contact with pesticides, petroleum products and sewage.

Networking With Grief Counselors To Help People Whose Animals Have Died

Losing an animal can be incredibly difficult, especially during disasters when a person may have also lost their home, their job, or a family member. Providing skilled grief counselors to help people deal with their loss can provide a great deal of comfort. Noah's Wish creates a safe and comfortable environment for people to express their grief over the loss of an animal. If someone requests that Noah's Wish remove a deceased animal from their property, we will help out in this manner too.

Screening Foster Homes When Owned Animals Are In Need of Long Term Temporary Housing

It can take months for disaster victims to rebuild their home or find a new place to live. Often during this transition period, they have no place to keep their animals. Noah's Wish works with these people to find foster care. The animals are kept close to where the family is temporarily living so they can visit their animals.

Locating Permanent Homes For Unclaimed or Surrendered Animals

On average, 40% of the animals that are cared for in temporary shelters during disasters do not get claimed. Some of these animals were strays prior to the disaster. When people bring animals to the temporary shelter, they sometimes think because they have no place to keep them, that they have to surrender them, allowing them to be put up for adoption. This is not the case. Noah's Wish lets the people know there are other options. The animals can stay at the temporary shelter until it closes and then be placed into a foster home. Still, there are people who decide they cannot keep their animals. Noah's Wish works to find new homes for every unclaimed or surrendered animal, no matter how long it takes. Networking is done with no-kill shelters with which we have worked. Noah's Wish has a 100% adoption rate.

Arranging For Adoptable Animals to Be Spayed/Neutered

Wanting to do our part to prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, Noah's Wish offers to spay or neuter any unaltered animals when their owners come to the temporary shelter. All animals we adopt out are spayed or neutered.

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