Disaster Help

If you are currently seeking help during a disaster or need to report a disaster that has already occurred or is still developing, contact us immediately on 916-939-9474.

OR for after hours, weekends or holidays please call

If you are not faced with an urgent situation also email us at [email protected]

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 4288
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

P: (916) 939-9474
F: (916) 939-9479
E: [email protected]

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Equipment We Use

Here is some of the rescue equipment that we use in every disaster:


Animal Grasper

The Animal Grasper is used to remove aggressive cats from cages or other confined spaces.



The Cat Gloves are worn when the rescue teams or shelter workers have to handle animals that are showing signs of aggression.


Cat Trap

The humane Cat Trap is used to capture cats that cannot be handled.


Dog Trap

The collapsible Dog Trap is used to capture large dogs that cannot be handled.



The Evacsak is used to transport cats after they have been rescued. These work much better then transfer cages as they take up less room in rescue boats and vehicles which allows us to transport more cats at one time. This can be critical in disasters where time is of the essence. And, cats like being in the Evacsak.


Ketch All Pole

The Ketch All Pole is used to capture and control aggressive dogs.


Pole Net

The Pole Net is used to capture small animals that do not want to be handled.



The Stretcher is used to transport injured animals.


Transfer Cage

The Transfer Cage is used to transport cats, especially ones that have been removed from a humane trap. The animal can be transferred by using the guillotine doors on each piece of equipment. This protects rescue teams from having to handle aggressive animals.

If you are interested in ordering any of the rescue equipment for Noah's Wish contact us first.

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