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Morris Fire - Azusa, CA

Morris Fire Update September 23, 2009

Submitted by Ann Graf & Thea Martin

This card makes me smile the biggest smile! It was a different and small but significant response for everyone, thank you for letting me be a participant
Ann Graf

Above is a scanned copy of a card Joyce and JAmes Macormac have sent to us to thank us for our help at the Eagles Lodge - Morris Fire Response.

Morris Fire Response

Total volunteers 8


Thea Martin - Lead

Gerald Pool

Marguerite Topping

Carrie Jones

John Lewis

Ann Graf

Betty Donnelson

Ellen Gray

Volunteer Hours Logged: 144

Animals Cared for: 26 plus four that were field extractions and then released to owners

Morris Fire - Azusa, California August 30, 2009 2:00pm

Operations will be ending this afternoon, as evacuation orders are lifted and people return to their homes.

Morris Fire - Azusa, California August 27,2009 4:00pm

Azusa Emergency Management has asked Noah's Wish to assist with sheltering animals that were evacuated from forest land over the past few days. The shelter in Azusa has 10 dogs, 8 cats, 5 birds and 1 rabbit. Volunteers have arrived and will be staffing the small shelter until the evacuation orders are lifted.

Curious about the new arrival

Morris Fire - Azusa, California - August 27, 2009 1:30pm

Update from the field.

Noah's Wish Assistant Coordinator, Thea Martin and volunteer, Gerald Pool, just reported that while conducting their assessment of the fire in the Azusa area, a request by a homeowner came in to rescue 2 dogs from a house that was in an area evacuated earlier this week. (The homeowner was away at the time and wasn't allowed to cross the fire lines to pickup her animals).

Sue and her dogs are reunited

Thea and Gerald were escorted by the US Forestry 11 miles past the roadblocks and then they had to hike another mile in 100 degree weather to reach the home in question. However, the trip was worth it - they were greeted by Maxine, a chow mix and Squealer, a daschund, who were both very happy to see them. The dogs were successfully evacuated and are now waiting for their family to pick them up. Good job Thea and Gerald and with a very happy ending.

August 27, 2009
This fire continues to be a fuel driven fire, not a wind driven fire. As of today, Wednesday, August 26, 2009, the fire has engulfed 1700 acres and is being fueled by 13 year old coastal sage scrub with some chaparral west of the river; and, 7 year old chaparral on the east side. Fuels east of the river burned in the Williams Fire in 2002. Half mile northwest of the fire line last burned in 1968.


The fire continues to be headed northeast in very steep and rugged terrain and is expected to last a few more days. Williams Camp was evacuated around 4:45 p.m., and a shelter site established at a middle school in Claremont. Our Officers continue to serve as Liaison to the Sheriff's Law Branch and providing whatever info. or assistance they may need. Azusa continues to be safe and smokey.

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