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Gulf Coast Hurricane

Wednesday September 17, 2008 Hurricane Ike

Noah's Wish volunteers are returning from Louisiana and Texas as our efforts to aid the victims of Hurricane Ike wind down.

Alex Reynolds, Lead Coordinator for Noah's Wish during our response to the recent Gulf Coast Hurricanes, would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew that rallied to respond to the needs of animals impacted by the recent hurricanes.

She would like to thank everyone for working so hard and being so patient, especially Tammy Hann-Harlan a legend in Intake and Lisa O-Grady, who got quite a work out for a first response with Noah's Wish, Pam Blegle for her patience, work and kindness towards every animal she sees (a special thanks for taking Tina home with her). Special thanks to June Graviette for all her help. By yourselves and all together you make a great team and always make Noah's Wish look good.

Sunday September 14, 2008 Hurricane Ike

Noah's Wish volunteers are moving the shelter operation in Shreveport south to Lake Charles in Calcasieu Parish Louisiana on Monday. This location is midway between New Orleans and Gaveston and is closer to the areas heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike.

Some of the animals currently in the shelter will be transported to the new site, others will be returning to their families as the temporary shelter closes later in the week.

Noah's Wish volunteers are already hard at work in Lake Charles and waiting for the rest of the team to arrive on Monday, at that time they may be off to setup an emergency shelter in Beaumont, Texas working with the rescue organization IFAW.

AP/Mario Sanchez

Courtesy of National Geographic News

Saturday September 13, 2008 Gulf Coast Hurricane "Ike"

Friday evening as Hurricane Ike rolled ashore, storm surges beat against levees in Louisiana and Texas, Noah's Wish received the call to once again respond to the needs of animals in Shreveport. Calls immediately went out to volunteers to see who would be available to deploy and for how long. Thanks to the dedication of a number of you, volunteers are on the road to staff an emergency shelter being setup in Bossier (a neighboring community of Shreveport). We anticipate volunteers will begin arriving late Saturday into Sunday.

The shelter will be located at Bossier Animal Control using circus tents to house the animals. Many of the evacuees at this shelter fled Galveston with their pets prior to Ike making landfall.

It's hard to say how long the deployment might last, but with 39,000 homes flooded in Louisiana alone and over 3 million people without power or potable water the stay could be quite long. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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