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If you are currently seeking help during a disaster or need to report a disaster that has already occurred or is still developing, contact us immediately on 916-939-9474.

OR for after hours, weekends or holidays please call

If you are not faced with an urgent situation also email us at [email protected]

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P: (916) 939-9474
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Managing the human component of disaster response efforts is, without a question, challenging. When you add the demands associated with animals it can greatly increase the complexity. That is why Noah's Wish exists. We help emergency management agencies by managing the care of animals in their community during times of crisis. This allows officials to remain focused on the job they have to do, confident that the animal issues are being handled by experienced professionals.

If a community has never experienced a major disaster or it has been a long time since one has occurred, the local shelter personnel may not have the experience needed to deal with thedynamics of an ever changing situation. Unfortunately, there is not an animal shelter in the country that has an over abundance of staff and, when a catastrophe hits, many of these same people may be impacted and be unable to do their jobs. That's where Noah's Wish can help. We provide the trained and experienced personnel to help agencies manage the complex requirements of providing shelter and care for animals impacted by a disaster.

Katrina (2005)

Katrina (2005)

Both these happy families are from our shelter in Slidell, LA.

Katrina (2005)

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